FUN NIGHT Optional $ Game

On 6/18/2024 Fun Night will not count towards points for the league standings. However there will be an optional $20 team fee. Depending on the amount of teams per division will determine the amount of payouts but with minimal teams (8) looking at paying out top two gross and top two net scores per division (Zinc/Copper). Again will fluctuate depending on interest.

The full roster can show up, however no more than 6 players can play a hole. A team must designate which 6 players are playing the hole at the Tee. Handicaps for team and how to calculate them will be on scorecards tomorrow.

We are monitoring the weather if the course does not allow carts Fun Night will be cancelled.

More to come.


FUN NIGHT 6/18/24

Each team can play up to 6 members per hole. More information to come.

6/25 (Copper) and 7/2 (Zinc) playing 8 off the tee FRONT 9 ONLY.


6/4/24- We are playing

It’s going to be a windy evening, but the course and league are ready to go. Bring your one irons. A reminder on an evening such as this, 3-minute rule to look for balls, and ready golf. Any concerns reach out to me.


Fun night reminder for June 18th, not for points.



Two teams looking for subs

Two teams looking for subs, it’s a beautiful night to sub. Please contact me at 406-750-9458 if you would like to sub.


Any players looking to be added to a sub list please let me know.




Friendly reminder, failure to pay green/cart fees may result in ZERO points for player who does not pay. All members who have a season pass and/or cart pass please sign in on sign in sheet and include your team’s name. Non season pass and/or cart pass please pay clubhouse and inform them which team you play for.

The course has burgers and dogs available as well.

Any questions please reach out to me or Jeff with the course.

Curtis Nebel

5/14/24 Team looking for Sub

Pit Stop Haks are looking for a sub tonight, let me know if you are able to sub.

A reminder 5:45 starting time and week 5 schedule. Will discuss possibility of adding a week or two into August with team captains to make up the previous weeks.



5/7/2024 Leagues Cancelled

Mother Nature got us again today, leagues are cancelled. See you all next week 5/14/2024, league play to start 5:45 here on out.


4/30/24 Leagues Cancelled

Please spread the word.
Per consensus as 25+ teams did not want to play tonight and per rule established years ago.

“We will not play if the temperature is less than 52, and more importantly if the winds are 15 mph or stronger with temperatures 52 or less. If the wind is less than 15 mph, a slight breeze, we will play.”

As I said I am not looking at changing any rules this first year and apologize for misremembering rule that was established for play in week one. Questions/concerns please reach out.

For winners of the closest to the pins, I do have an ongoing list so if you have not received your sleeve of balls I do have your name on a list and will get those to you.

See you all next week, reminder 5:30 start time next week still.



Update from Secretary

First, thanks for hanging in there last night with the weather and my mistakes. Just want to get a few reminders out there as there has been some questions and concerns.

Remember we are still teeing off as Foursomes. If a player on a team does not show up, play as a foursome and a threesome, don’t play all 7 or even 6 together.

A reminder as we have new players in the league, play every shot out until ball is in the cup or your opponent gave permission to pick up the ball for the score you were laying. No max pick up rule.

Senior Tee rule. Once a player turns 70 prior to start of league play 4/16/2024, they have the personal option to move up to the Senior Tees. This is completely optional but must be declared at the beginning of the year to make handicaps fair for playoffs. Let me know who on your team is 70+ playing from the Senior Tees or indicate on scorecard during next round.

For the website, my goal is to have the standings/handicaps updated weekly by Thursday night, and no later than Sunday. Thanks for your patience as I learn the software and website.

Still starting league play at 5:30 until May 14th.

Questions/Concerns please reach out via phone call or text. Leave message if not available, contrary to popular belief I do work during the week. 406-750-9458. Thanks again everyone, let’s have a fun year!



Curtis Nebel