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How we Handicap

 USGA Handicap Manual

Handicap Setup for this League is as follows…
Handicap is 90%
Number of scores handicap based on: 15
Minimum number of scores needed before a handicap can be calculated: 3

For example, if a player has 20 scores, the underlined parameters above are used to determine which scores to use for  handicapping.

The differentials for these scores are calculated…


Use the differentials to calculate a handicap.
Out of the 15 available calculated differentials the 3 highest and 1 lowest differentials are discarded (not used).
Differentials ‘used’ are added together…
7+9.1+10.8+5.8+8.7+7.7+10.2+8.0+6.7+5.7..etc.. = 88.5

Then divide by the total number used.
88.5 / 11  = 8.045

Handicap Percent is 90 so –
8.045 x .90 = 7.24 (Digits after hundredth place are deleted)

Now convert the handicap to a ‘course’ handicap using the slope of the course being played.

We will use the back 9 that has a slope rating of 104 from the White tees from this webpage:

USGA Look for Course Index for Anaconda Hills

7.24 x (104 / 113) = 6.66

Final Handicap = 6.66